Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a survival horror game available on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) platform. This installment in the Silent Hill franchise takes players on a psychological journey through the haunted town.

With its atmospheric graphics and immersive gameplay, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories offers a unique experience on the PSP. Players must solve puzzles, confront terrifying creatures, and uncover the mysteries of the town.

The game utilizes the PSP's capabilities, including its touchscreen and motion controls, to enhance the gameplay. These features add an extra layer of immersion and interactivity to the eerie world of Silent Hill.

While Shattered Memories was specifically designed for the PSP, it remains a popular choice among fans of the Silent Hill series. Its engaging storyline, chilling atmosphere, and innovative gameplay elements make it a standout title for the handheld platform.

Explore the haunting world of Silent Hill on your PSP and experience the fear and suspense that this iconic franchise is known for.

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